Use Elixir directly in Livebook

Livebook has an interactive environment to code in Elixir. You can use it to learn Elixir, explore Elixir packages, prototypes, scripts, and interactive data apps.
Integration Example

Elixir Code Editor

Livebook's Elixir code editor supports autocompletion, inline documentation, code formatting, and more.

Visual Representation of the running system

Livebook can render visual representations of supervision trees and message-passing between Elixir processes. Learn how to do this.

Interactive UI to visualize, debug and edit Elixir pipelines

Livebook has an interactive widget that lets you see the result of an Elixir pipeline, enable/disable pipeline steps, and re-order them through drag and drop. Learn how to do this.

Run a notebook within the context of a Mix project

It's super easy to run code of a Mix project inside Livebook. This can be useful for interactive development or for experimenting with your project's code.

Add Hex packages as dependencies of your notebook

Livebook makes it easy to use Hex packages inside your notebooks. The integrated package management also makes your notebooks easier to be used and reproduced by others.

Connect to a running Elixir system directly in Livebook

You can easily connect to a running Elixir node. Useful for production environment diagnostics, remote debugging, and automation.

Develop on embedded devices with Livebook and Nerves

Nerves Livebook enables you to try out Nerves on real hardware without needing to build anything. You'll be able to run code in Livebook and work through Nerves tutorials from the comfort of your browser.
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