Livebook Teams amplifies Livebook with features designed for teams and businesses

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Feature: On-premise Livebook apps

On premise Livebook apps

Deploy Livebook
on one or more machines within your infrastructure. Ideal for internal tools, data apps, data migration workflows, operations diagnostics, and other scenarios where a full custom app is excessive and a scrappy script is insufficient. Save your team's time compared to traditional app development processes.
Feature: Shared secrets management

Shared secrets management

Seamlessly share sensitive
among team members, eliminating manual steps while maintaining security. Livebook Teams never gets access to your secrets; it receives them already encrypted with your shared team encryption key and keeps them as such. Avoid the hassle and vulnerability of sharing secrets through other channels and copy-pasting them to Livebook.
Feature: Synchronized file storage access

Synchronized file storage access

Effortlessly share notebooks and access data stored in cloud services like Amazon S3 across your team, eliminating the need for manual credential sharing. Moreover, Livebook Teams never gets access to your storage credentials; they're encrypted to ensure that only your team can use them.

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